Friday, September 8, 2017

Sugar Ramos, Davey Moore

I was going to let this death slide since there was a lot going on around 9/3 but since today there was an earthquake in Mexico and a hurricane going through Cuba I have to bring up the death of Ultiminio Sugar Ramos at age 75 on 9/3/17, a Cuban born boxer who migrated to and "adopted" by Mexico.He is most famous for his fight at Dodger Stadium where he fought Davey Moore.Davey Moore died a couple days after the fight from injuries from the fight. Sugar Ramos also was ivolved in a previous fight where his opponent died from injuries from the fight..dead at 75, World Series =75
Check this out...Sugar Ramos died 54 years and 162 days after Davey Moore died.54 and 162 HUGE numbers having to do with and 162, 162 game season 54 total outs etc. With their biggest fight in a baseball stadium.

From the death of Sugar Ramos 9/3 to the WS 10/24 is 51 days.
Davey Moore=51(died in Los Angeles from a fight at Dodgers Stadium)
Davey Moore died 3/25/63. Dodgers did win the World Series that year with game 2 being 193 days after  moores death ,193 the 44th prime number.
Davey Moore died 144 days after his birthday
Forty four=144

What's a trip is that Zach showed the connection from hurricane Harvey in Houston to the boxer hurricane Rubin carter  and bob dylans protest benefit show in Houston for him. Well Bob Dylan also had a protest song for Davey Moore called "Who killed Davey Moore?". It's a live album performed on 10/31/64. That is exactly 53 years to this years game 6 World Series. Dodgers=53. Idk if the dodgers are the team but they look like it..but forsure the 113th world Series should end 31/10 (113) to continue the pattern.

Who killed Davey Moore?=93 (Sugar Ramos dead 9/3)
Who Killed Davey Moore?=222 (died a span of 222 days before his 30th bday)
113 the 30th prime.
Davey Moore was a perfect name for that fight in Los Angeles at dodger stadium 21/3..LA home of the 213 area code
Davey Moore=123 (date backwards)

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pekka Rinne, Kevin Durant and their 35 connections.

 Today is May 29, 2017 and  Game 1 of the Stanley cup finals. During this time, the NHL and NBA will be having their Championship series. For the NHL it is the Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins and for the NBA it is the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors. Both Lebron James and Sidney Crosby are both going for back to back titles.

    After all the 35 clues around the championships this year and last, I cant help but to notice Pekka Rinna who wears #35 and is the Goalie for Nashville. He is currently approaching his 35th birthday. He makes me feel hes a decoy for the Pens just like how Anderson Verajoa was for the Cavaliers last year in the NBA and Dodgers pitcher Joe Blanton=108 was for the cubs on their run to break the 108 year drought for the Cubs in MLB.

 Today in game 1, Pekka Rinna allowed 5 goals and lost 3-5 to Penguins. Penguins last 5 shots at goal in the 1st quarter scored 3 goals for another 3-5 sync.

 Now looking ahead, Game 5 June, 8 would be a span of 149 days until Pekka Rinnes 35th birthday, with 149 being the 35th prime number, it makes it seem very likely the series will end here (My pick for Penguins).Revelation=149. The series started a span of 159 days from Pekkas birthday and if it is to end June 8th that would be the 159th day of the year, looking like 1x59=59 the 17th prime in the year '17.

 For Game 6, June 11,  Pittsburgh can cash in on the death of Dan Rooney.Rooney died this year 4/13/17. With 59 being the 17th prime number his death would sync perfect for June 11 because it would be 59 days from his death all in the year '17.
Pittsburgh=59 with s exeption

 Also, Game 7,  June 14 seems it can be a possible end date as well because that would be 142 days from Pekkas 35th birthday. Thirty Five=142

Pekkas Birthday is 11/3.

It is the Penguins 50th year
Pekka Rinne=50
Pittsburgh= 50

      The #35 clues and syncs have been comming in rapidly since last year because of King James=35 AKA Lebron James.Today "coincendently" The Oakland As started their series vs Cleveland Indians and end on game 1 of the finals of Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, And yes, the first game ended 3-5 Cleveland for what I'd assume is another tribute to King James and 35. As I am doing this post, how can I forget about #35 Kevin Durant? The new villain character for the NBA. Kevin Durants birthday is September 29, that would be 35 days after #35 of Floridas Pekka Rinne.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Pearl Jam/Vedder, And the failed sacrifice of Mookie Blaylock.

Just found out Pearl Jam's original name was "Mookie Blaylock" The long time Atlanta Hawk . They changed it when they got their first record deal.Interesting since the NBA and Seattle are both long time murderers by numbers.Pearl Jam named the album "ten" after  Blaylock the 1 time NBA all star cause he wore #10.Eddie Vedder the frontman for Pearl Jam seems to have ritual sacrifices connected to him, for now well just talk about how Mookie Blaylock was targeted in a failed sacrifice for The Seattle based Super band Pear Jam and Eddie Vedder.

    On May, 31, 2013 Mookie Blaylock was involved in a two car accident that left him nearly dead and on life support . In that accident a woman in the other car was killed in the collision. More then likely this was a failed attempt to sacrifice Mookie for Vedder, Pearl Jam, and Seattle.

From the accident May 31 to Eddie Vedders December 23 birthday was 206 days syncing up with the area code of Seattle 206.

      Instead of dieing, Mookie Blaylock had to pay somehow for some reason it seems.Mookie Blaylock, on October, 27, 2014, (149 days after the one year annevesary of the accident, Mookie Blaylock =149) had no choice but to plead guilty to vehicular Manslaughter for the death of the other driver of the car.

Any way you look at it whether it's all days, months and days, or weeks and days, it all synces up so well for Vedder.

October, 27 to Vedders birthday December 23 is a span of 1 month 27 days like the date Mookie pleaded guilty 10/27.(127)
127 is the 31st prime number.
Pearl Jam=31

10/27 to 12/23 is a span 58 days
Eddie Vedder=58

10/27 to 12/23 is 8 weeks and 2 days (82)

Friday, February 3, 2017

Bill and Luke Walton 2017 tribute games.Celtics Lakers.


In the first game of the 2016-2017 season The Los Angeles lakers played the Houston Rockets.This was Luke Waltons first game as a head coach.This was also a tribute to his father Bill Walton born 11/5/52.The total points as well as the Lakers total points and Rockets total.The Lakers won 120 to 114.Total of 234.

Bill Walton=120 (Lakers total points)
One hundred and twenty=234 (total points in game)
(Bill Waltons birthday) November fifth fifty two= 114 (Rockets total points)

When I noticed these numbers on Bill and Luke Walton I went back a little bit to see if I can find something to further clarify the scripting and or manchurian athletes by the numbers. On 1/20/2016 (120) Bill Waltons former team the Celtics played Toronto Raptors.Celtics scored 109 The Raptors 115 a total of 224 points.
The Raptors scored 115 like Bill Waltons birthday 11/5. 
Luke Theodore Walton=224 (total points in game)
Toronto Raptors=224 (taotal points in game)
January 20th (120) seems like an unofficial Bill Walton day! 
Bill Walton day January twentieth =121 
On January 21 2017 (121) what do you know?? The Celtics play the trailblazers the 2 teams Bill Walton is known for playing at.

Luke Walton was signed as the Lakers head coach on the 120th day of the year.

523 is the 99th prime.
Portland Trailblazers=99 
Trailblazers=143 (143rd day is 5/23) He wore the numbers 5 and 32 his whole career.

He seems connected to 33 as well
Drafted out of the 33rd state (Oregon) Retired with "Boston Celtics"=156 (thirty three=156) 
The Waltons=137 (137 is 33rd prime) 
Day twenty=137 
From Bill Waltons tribute Opening day 10/26 to his unofficial holiday/tribute game with Celtics vs Trailblazers 1/21 is 87 day.He is born 11/5/52 .11+5+19+52=87.87 stand out to me because that is the famous year when the Lakers beat Boston in Boston,the first time Boston lost at home in the finals.

Luke Walton and his Lakers play his daddy's Celtics today 2/3 who are tied for the most games won all time at 5232.
They share 33 titles together and also play later this year on 3/3.

Bill Waltons birthday 11/5 is 222 days after Luke Waltons 3/28 birthday.Bill Waltons birthday November 5th Looks like 115.Again, only 5x23 or 23x5 can factor into the number 115.May 23rd (5/23) is the 143rd day of the year 523+143=666. From Luke Waltons birthday 3/28/16 to Bill Waltons birthday 11/5/16 is 222 (5/23 leaves 222 days left in the year) From Bills birthday 11/5/2016 to Lukes 37th birthday 3/28/2017 is 143 days.115,143,222,523.Bill Walton only wore two numbers his whole career 32 and 5.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The Undertaker and Superfly Snuka connections

I've been eyeballing The Undertaker since he returned to SmackDowns 900th 11/15 episode.
The UnderTaker=900
The Undertaker then didn't make another appearance until 1/09/17 (109)(19).That would be 55 days from his 11/15 appearence.55=Satan. At this appearence on an episode of raw, he submitted himself into the royal rumble scheduled for 1/29.109 is the 29th prime (entered on 1/09,19 days from royal rumble that is on the 29th day of the year).In this episode he said that he "dug 29 holes for 29 souls".If he is to win the royal rumble he would have a shot at the championship at wrestlemania 33.

From The Royal Rumble to Wrestlemania 33 is 83 days.Thats interesting because The Undertaker was born on 3/24 the 83rd day of the year.Even more bizarre is the fact that The Undertaker started his streak vs Jimmy Superfly Snuka who died  today 1/15 ( looks like 11/15 the day Taker returned for 900th episode). Even more crazy is that from Takers appearence 11/15 to wrestlemania 33 is 138 days and Jimmy Snuka is born 5/18 the 138th day of the year.

To go along with Takers 19,109,and 29 connections,The royal rumble 1/29 is 109 days before Snukas 5/18 birthday.

From Wrestlemania 33 April 2nd to Snukas birthday 5/18 is 46 days. Sacrifice=46

They call The Undertaker "taker" for short


From Takers appearence 11/15 to his next appearence 1/9 is 55 days.
From Royal rumble 1/29 to Wrestlemania 33 is a span of 55 days.
From Takers birthday 3/24 (and the streaks first victory vs jimmy snuka) to Jimmy Snukas birthday 5/18 is 55 days.

WWE sure does make a big deal when The Undertaker makes an appearence.

Zachary k hubbard
The undertaker

Superfly Snuka

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Bernard Hopkins 12/17/16 retirement fight at 51 years old and whittier CNN reporting.PART 1.

Bernard Hopkins had his retirement fight last night 12/17/2016 at age 51 years old against Joe Smith Jr.This Fight was televised by HBO Boxing. Before the fight HBO had Bernard sing a ridiclous rendition of Frank Sinatras "My Way"  in a Promo Pre-fight. Bernard also came to the ring to the song "My Way". When the tale of the tape was shown the commentator kept emphasizing the that Bernard hopkins was 24 years older then Joe Smith.

Frank Sinatra=51
Bernard is 51 years old 24 years older then Joe Smith
My Way=24
HBO Boxing=51
Frank Sinatra born in 1915
Bernard Hopkins was knocked out of the ring and the Commentators emphasized that it was the fist time since Rocky Marciano vs Joe Louis that someone had been knocked out of thhe ring.That fight of course was in 1951.
Bernard Hopkins was born on 1/15

There is a twist

Call me crazy its ok cause i love it, but i am positive that this fight has a connection to the city of  Whittier California. For the past few months there has been some wacky stories as usual from the media from about police killing some crazy deranged men with machetes to those clowns at parks to murders. There is crime in this city and every city but the stories have just been bizarre and commen lately.

After the bernard hopkins fight city of Whittier California finally made CNN like i have had a feeling after noticing the wacky stories getting close to the city. The Story was a story of a tree falling on a wedding party and killing 1 at a local park named Penn Park. This Park is no farther then 2 blocks from the Whittier Police station,which is another 2-3 blocks from the Local Freemason Lodge #323. In the past few months Penn Park and the Whittier police Station have been participating in these stories.see sourses below.

The city of Whittier is named after John Greenleaf Whittier
John Greenleaf Whittier=115 (Bernard Hopkins Birthday 1/15)n
John Greenleaf Whittiers Birthday is 12/17. He would have been 209 years old to the day, and the fight came 29 days before Bernard Hopkins 52nd birthday.

John Greenleaf Whittier died 101 days after his birthday.
Whittier california=101

I thought it was strange that Bhop collapsed like a tree out of the ring and at the same time we get a story on CNN about a tree collapsing.I wish I would have known earlier about the tree because I was close by at a party with friends and definantly would have went to the scene to catch some actors red handed.when I did find out and saw Whittier made cnn close to midnight I went to drive by anyway.I didnt witness much at midnight but I did notice police at the park just like 3 suvs just sitting around guarding the park conviently 2 blocks from the police station.Maybe there is not a direct connection between hbo boxing and the Whittier police department but it is obvious they both programmed the same numbers at the same time.
Notice it states 1dead 5 injured (51)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

September 25th update/WWE ritual sacrifice of Jonah Snyder for Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens championship September 25 at Clash Of Champions

On September 7 2016 at Seth Rollins wrestling academy,The black and Brave wrestling academy, a 20 year old named Jonah Snyder collapsed went into cardiac arrest and died after training in his first day.It is kind of fishy knowing how previous wrestlers (ultimate warrior) have died in the same fasion also making it even more fishy is that Seth Rollins has a championship match comming up on September 25 vs the champion Kevin Owens (Kevin yanick steen) at Clash of Champions.Since my last post they have changed the name from night to Clash of champions.

The championship match on September 25 leaves 97 days left in the year
Jonah Snyder died 9/7
September twenty fifth=97 and 259 (25/9)
September seventh=79/97
Kevin yanick steen=79/97

From Kevin Steens bday 5/7 to death of Jonah Snyder is 124 days
Kevin steen=124
Kevin Owens had just won the championship belt on 8/29 that left 124 days left in the year.

Seth rollinss finishing moves are the curb stomp and the pedigree
Jonah Snyder pedigreed=107
Jonah Snyder curb stomped=107
The championship match is on the 269th day of the year
Jonah Snyder curb stomped =269

Seth Rollins=52
Jonah Snyder=52
"Sept" is a prefix that usually implies seven.