Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Pekka Rinne, Kevin Durant and their 35 connections.

 Today is May 29, 2017 and  Game 1 of the Stanley cup finals. During this time, the NHL and NBA will be having their Championship series. For the NHL it is the Nashville Predators vs Pittsburgh Penguins and for the NBA it is the Cleveland Cavaliers vs the Golden State Warriors. Both Lebron James and Sidney Crosby are both going for back to back titles.

    After all the 35 clues around the championships this year and last, I cant help but to notice Pekka Rinna who wears #35 and is the Goalie for Nashville. He is currently approaching his 35th birthday. He makes me feel hes a decoy for the Pens just like how Anderson Verajoa was for the Cavaliers last year in the NBA and Dodgers pitcher Joe Blanton=108 was for the cubs on their run to break the 108 year drought for the Cubs in MLB.

 Today in game 1, Pekka Rinna allowed 5 goals and lost 3-5 to Penguins. Penguins last 5 shots at goal in the 1st quarter scored 3 goals for another 3-5 sync.

 Now looking ahead, Game 5 June, 8 would be a span of 149 days until Pekka Rinnes 35th birthday, with 149 being the 35th prime number, it makes it seem very likely the series will end here (My pick for Penguins).Revelation=149. The series started a span of 159 days from Pekkas birthday and if it is to end June 8th that would be the 159th day of the year, looking like 1x59=59 the 17th prime in the year '17.

 For Game 6, June 11,  Pittsburgh can cash in on the death of Dan Rooney.Rooney died this year 4/13/17. With 59 being the 17th prime number his death would sync perfect for June 11 because it would be 59 days from his death all in the year '17.
Pittsburgh=59 with s exeption

 Also, Game 7,  June 14 seems it can be a possible end date as well because that would be 142 days from Pekkas 35th birthday. Thirty Five=142

Pekkas Birthday is 11/3.

It is the Penguins 50th year
Pekka Rinne=50
Pittsburgh= 50

      The #35 clues and syncs have been comming in rapidly since last year because of King James=35 AKA Lebron James.Today "coincendently" The Oakland As started their series vs Cleveland Indians and end on game 1 of the finals of Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors, And yes, the first game ended 3-5 Cleveland for what I'd assume is another tribute to King James and 35. As I am doing this post, how can I forget about #35 Kevin Durant? The new villain character for the NBA. Kevin Durants birthday is September 29, that would be 35 days after #35 of Floridas Pekka Rinne.


  1. Nashville predators. Not Florida. Pekka Rinne never used to play for Pittsburgh either

    1. Sorry about that . Wiki had Penguins under former teams last night for Pekka.