Friday, September 8, 2017

Sugar Ramos, Davey Moore

I was going to let this death slide since there was a lot going on around 9/3 but since today there was an earthquake in Mexico and a hurricane going through Cuba I have to bring up the death of Ultiminio Sugar Ramos at age 75 on 9/3/17, a Cuban born boxer who migrated to and "adopted" by Mexico.He is most famous for his fight at Dodger Stadium where he fought Davey Moore.Davey Moore died a couple days after the fight from injuries from the fight. Sugar Ramos also was ivolved in a previous fight where his opponent died from injuries from the fight..dead at 75, World Series =75
Check this out...Sugar Ramos died 54 years and 162 days after Davey Moore died.54 and 162 HUGE numbers having to do with and 162, 162 game season 54 total outs etc. With their biggest fight in a baseball stadium.

From the death of Sugar Ramos 9/3 to the WS 10/24 is 51 days.
Davey Moore=51(died in Los Angeles from a fight at Dodgers Stadium)
Davey Moore died 3/25/63. Dodgers did win the World Series that year with game 2 being 193 days after  moores death ,193 the 44th prime number.
Davey Moore died 144 days after his birthday
Forty four=144

What's a trip is that Zach showed the connection from hurricane Harvey in Houston to the boxer hurricane Rubin carter  and bob dylans protest benefit show in Houston for him. Well Bob Dylan also had a protest song for Davey Moore called "Who killed Davey Moore?". It's a live album performed on 10/31/64. That is exactly 53 years to this years game 6 World Series. Dodgers=53. Idk if the dodgers are the team but they look like it..but forsure the 113th world Series should end 31/10 (113) to continue the pattern.

Who killed Davey Moore?=93 (Sugar Ramos dead 9/3)
Who Killed Davey Moore?=222 (died a span of 222 days before his 30th bday)
113 the 30th prime.
Davey Moore was a perfect name for that fight in Los Angeles at dodger stadium 21/3..LA home of the 213 area code
Davey Moore=123 (date backwards)

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